Best motorcycle helmet speakers

Buying guide For The Best Helmet Speakers

Bike helmet speakers are similar to the headphones. The difference between helmet speakers and headphones is their size. As you now had decided to have a helmet earphone. Then you may also have to many questions with you. Like,

  • Which Headphone for the helmet to choose? Click Here For Best Options
  • How to Choose The best helmet headphones?
  • What to consider While purchasing a Helmet speaker?
  • Which product to opt for among different options available for a headphone for helmets?

So, firstly let us discuss how and what factors are to be considered While Buying a Helmet speaker.

There are some topics that are to be considered while buying a speaker/headphone for Helmet.

  1. Safety
  2. Wired or Bluetooth
  3. Should contain Intercom Feature
  4. Operational range
  5. Size
  6. Comfort
  7. Sound Quality and
  8. Price

Now lets discuss about these factors thoroughly

Safety with Helmet Speaker

The safety is the main thing which should be your top priority at the time of choosing a best Headphone for your helmet. They should not be quipped with the fancy designs which are not compatible for your safety.

Choose the one which has passed all the related test . And pick which suites your safety.

Wired or Bluetooth

The thing is you should choose between the wired helmet headphones or Bluetooth helmet earphone. This difference is similar to normal headphones difference.

Additionally Bluetooth headphone does come with intercom also.

Intercom in Helmet Headphones

Intercom is generally used in offices to interconnect with each other in company. Similarly the helmet headsets come with the intercom feature to be in connect with your fellow rider.

This feature is mainly used where groups ride together. And this is the most loved features and is very useful where mobile networks are not available.

Operation Range of intercom Connectivity

The range of connectivity in-helmet headphones for helmet varies from 500 meters to 5 miles. Which seems to be a big difference and it costs accordingly. This could be decided that generally you and your fellow rider driver drives at which distance.


The size of helmet headphones is generally small and is according to easy to fit in the helmet. But it is recommended that you should check before buying that are they comfortable in your helmet size.


The good Headphone for helmet usually comes with comfortable pads over them. So make a check over them before buying them. As if they are not comfortable ten they are totally waste. Because these are mainly going to be used for long periods.

Sound Quality

Helmet speakers should have a good quality of sound. By the good quality of sound, we mean that they should not generate sound which doesn’t pain your ears. The Good quality Headphone for helmet does produce good sound.


Price is the main factor because of budget constraints. In the choice of helmet, the speaker chooses wisely as it is the thing which should not be bad in quality. As it is directly proportional to your and your ear’s safety.

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