Buying Guide of Pressure Washer for Car

Buying Guide For Pressure washer

Pressure washer for cars are used for Clearing the Mesh from your car. When you decide to clean your car at home then you need the equipment. One of Them is the pressure washer . As it is the Most useful for you to clean the most stubborn mesh. As well as it is capable of reaching to most unreachable places of your car like Beneath the car. So here is a buying guide for pressure washer for you.

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Buying guide for pressure washer is needed to choose best out of all. To get the best pressure washer to clean your car you need to now about what is important. By the end of this blog you will be Knowing the things to notice before buying a pressure Washer.

Things to consider While buying a Pressure Washer

  • Gas or Electric
  • Type of Nozzles
  • Warranty
  • Power
  • Portability

Description for Decision

Gas Or Electric

Currently there are two sort of pressure washers available in the market

  1. Gas pressure washer
  2. Electric Pressure washer

Both of them have different uses and at different places. As gas pressure washer is useful where, there is scarcity of electricity as well as where there is a need of high pressure. Whereas the Electric car pressure washer is useful where there is plenty of supply of electricity.

As you may have noticed that they both too have there own negative points. As gas pressure washer for car do generate heat because of which they cant be used for longer whiles. Whereas the electric pressure washer lacks the pressure in comparison to the Gas pressure washer.

Therefore it could be concluded that you need to check your surroundings and then choos e the best pressure washer for your car.

Types of nozzles

There pressure washer available in the market with different as well as wide range of nozzle attachments. You have to check weather your requirement is fulfilling or not.

Whereas you should watch that weather you need to clean more than your car. Then you need to choose a product with wide range of nozzles. Therefore we recommend you to choose a product with your suitability. \That is where your needs are being satisfied.


This is the most important thing which should get a check on before buying any of the product. Usually pressure washer companies provide you a warranty of 1 year, Whereas there are some companies which provide warranties of up-to 3 years.

A three year of warranty is always better then a product of 1 year warranty. And you should take a note that they do have a service center near you or they provide you home services.

Mare extended warranty doesn’t mean that they will give you services. as sometimes it is impossible for companies as well to provide services to some place. So, it is always recommended to check the nearest service center before buying any product.


There are 2 units of powers which are provided for the Pressure Washer for car.

  1. Pounds per square inch (PSI)
  2. Gallons per minute (GPM)

These two units of power are different in each case as well as in each pressure washer. So, for that you need to check for a common unit which is Cleaning Unit (CU). Which is calculated as below;

Multiply both the unit {(PSI) × (GPM)}

And here will be your comparable unit . Now, you ca compare all the pressure washer for your car at a common unit.


This factor solely depends on you that do you want your Pressure washer to be in the garage for whole the time. Or you want that your Pressure washer should clean more than your car.

If you want you car pressure washer to just clean your car Outside your garage than you don’t need a portable one. But if you want your pressure washer for your car to do extra work than you would need a portable one.

Therefore this all depends upon your choice.


So, here we conclude our Buying guide for pressure washer hoping that now you will be a smart buyer in case of PRESSURE WASHER FOR CAR.

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