White Smog from CAR Exhaust

White Smoke From Car Exhaust

Everyone would have noticed the smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe of the car. Have anyone noticed the color of the smoke such as white smoke, black smoke which is being released from the car?

It is good to notice every new movement of the car. As it will allow you to watch the problems earlier before they become bigger. This is very obvious that the exhaust pipe are there for the exit of the smoke from the car.

This seems normal until the color changes. It may be an alarm or say warning for you provided by your car.

It is something that every white smoke is not a bad smoke. Some may be due to condensation because of the cold weather. But as well as some smoke are alarming. You should note that your car releases white smoke continuously or it only releases in the initials of the ignition. And you should also consider the thickness of the white smoke from the car. Thinner the smoke Lesser the problem And thicker the smoke bigger the problem.

Reasons your car is emitting White Smoke

There are many possible reasons which could have affected the emission of your car. Some of which may be crucial and some may be casual. So today I will address some of the reasons by which your car may be emitting white smoke.

  • In the season of Winter
  • An internal leak of coolant.
  • Fuel pumping injection broke down
  • Or your cars piston may have been worn out or its cylinder head cracked.

Explanation of each and every reason

Winter Season

As I just told you in above lines, That Due to condensation at the time of winter it is very normal. As the engine in those days gets cold and it took time to get warmed up.

Due to which the white smoke appears for a very short time. And if it doesn’t Disappears in some minute The the problem may be different. As it would be a Warning for some role in your car.

Internal leak of coolant.

Sometimes, The coolant tank of the car started to leak But only this is not the indicator of the coolant leak. The coolant tank of the car needs to be refilled as well as smoke will provide a different odor. If both of the symptoms are there Than it is surely the fault of the coolant. Which needs to be fixed As earliest As possible. As this would contaminate the Engine oil.

Break Down of Fuel pumping injection

FUEL INJECTING pump is responsible for injecting the fuel to the cylinders. This pump is responsible for better fuel efficiency of your car. As it pumps the exact amount of fuel at the exact time when it is needed by the engine. When it brokes the Time and the Amount of fuel mismatch which will lead to the overrun of fuel. Which will be left un-burnt and will Get through the exhaust in fumes.

This Problem could be solved by going to a skilled mechanic and get your pump replaced.

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